Committed To Tradition, Yet Dedicated To Progress

Our Diefenhardt Wine Estate has a history and tradition dating back several hundreds of years.
The wine vaults, still in use today, were built in the 17th century.  In 1917 the great-grandfather of Peter Seyffardt, called Jakob Diefenhardt acquired the Estate in Martinsthal from Baron von Reichenau. At this early stage the Estate was a founding member of the VDP. The “Association of German Predicate Wine Estates” (VDP) celebrated its centennial in 2010.

Also, in 1891 Baron of Reichenau had the hunting house built. As a prominent landmark of the region it is still towering on the edge of the forest high above our First Growth Vineyard Martinsthaler Wildsau.

As an interesting reminiscence of the past: Jakob Diefenhardt donated some wines to the crew of Dr. Eckner, the successor of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, on the occasion of the first flight around the world in the Zeppelin Airship LZ 12. Our family is still in the possession of Dr. Eckner´s  original thank you letter. The crew cracked and enjoyed the bottles on Christmas during the crossing of the meridian. They were full of praise. Passage from the text: “For the delicious Christmas gift of excellent wines I would like to express my sincere thanks. (…) The Rauenthaler (…) became an object of fighting among some wine lovers…”