Taste the vineyard

This is the philosophy of our family.

We, the Seyffardt family, are aiming at the production of concentrated, complex wines reflecting their origin (terroir). Presently we have 17 ha (42 acres) of Riesling and Pinot Noir cultivars in the single vineyards Langenberg, Wildsau, Rothenberg under vine. The vineyard site with its factors degree and direction of inclination as well as type of soil is a decisive component in the making of great wines.


In former times the inhabitants of Martinsthal called the site where game was often observed emerging from the forest Wilds-Au (Games´ Mead). Over the years the name changed into the vineyard site Wildsau. The Southwesterly slopes are exposed to the sun until late in the evening. The forest is a barrier to cold winds from the North so that the grapes can thrive and mature exceedingly well. Typically, both soils (Langenberg and Wildsau) are mineralized, decomposed phyllite materials (Ordovician Period) intermingled with loess and loess/loam.


The vineyard site Langenberg is located on the steep incline of the Martinsthal Hill turning from South to West. In the West, in the vicinity of the village, the soils are predominantly decayed slate. To the East the soil shows an increasing proportion of loess. A bouquet resembling pear, peach and apricot is characteristic of the Riesling wines from this single vineyard. The wines are elegant, with an abundance of fruit and spice and an excellent aging potential.



The best sites of the Rauenthal Rothenberg vineyard with its red quartzite soils are located in the steep slopes with an incline of about 50%. Also, the name of this vineyard is due to the red soil. This vineyard was officially listed as early as 1211. Aroma components resembling lemon, lime and other citrus fruits are typical for the wines from the Rothenberg vineyard. Their delicate finesse is best enhanced by a well-balanced acidity-sweetness-structure.


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